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popcorn time Joker (2019) HD Full Watch Online Free

A socially inept clown for hire – Arthur Fleck aspires to be a stand up comedian among his small job working dressed as a clown holding a sign for advertising. He takes care of his mother- Penny Fleck, and as he learns more about his mental illness, he learns more about his past. Dealing with all the negativity and bullying from society he heads downwards on a spiral, in turn showing how his alter ego "Joker", came to be /
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Jerry Robinson /
Country=USA /
ratings=8,8 of 10 /
casts=Joaquin Phoenix

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Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch Online freedom.
If there was a way to tell a story of a mad man who is the mortal enemy of Gotham’s Dark Knight. This was it.
How Joker came about, how the world molded him to becoming THE JOKER of Gotham… This love executed the story well. Joaquin Phoenix was and is the perfect actor for this particular Joker. Truly marvellous acting. Smart, creative plot. Glorious movie. Thank you.

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Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch online free.
Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch Online free.


Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch Online.

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Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch Online free web.
Choker (2019) hd full watch online free movie 123.
This is a movie you got to watch in a life time. It is a great movie that indicates comic book movie can be this good.
Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch Online free online.
Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch.


Perfect and joker 2019 is very good thank you very much.
Xhoker (2019) HD Full Watch Online free download.
Choker (2019) hd full watch online free 123.
Choker (2019) hd full watch online free.
Among the most anticipated movies in 2019, two have clowns as main characters. One is the adaptation of a novel about the return of a monster clown. The other is of course the backstory to the birth of Batman’s arch nemesis: The Joker.
The latest cinematic iteration involving the Clown Prince of Crime easily gets 9/10 in my book. I was helplessly hooked from the start, even if it’s dragging like an extended bad trip to a wrong rabbit hole. I have my resentment towards this movie, though. How would I not: I had to watch the movie twice in two days, just so that I could assure myself the movie is a mere product of art, not a real footage of one’s miserable life that brings all my pities and makes it all so relatable.
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker is flawless and perfect. The pain and angst presented through his lines, interjections, mimical expressions and physical movements are all so real. His portrayal of a character who constantly struggle with a « condition » amidst the depression and disillusionment in his entire life is of utmost brilliance. It’s hard to imagine any other actors in the business currently who coukd take the role to such a devastating effect, not even the Oscar nominated Jared Leto : D
This year’s Joker is last year’s Freddy Mercury. Both provide a great template for the lead actors to explore and exploit an already well known figure (a source of other actors’ envy) though Joker is certainly more multi-dimensional as a character. Since Heath Ledger’s portrayal, we are used to see a Joker who’s not always tidy and well dressed.
Joaquin Phoenix helped create a sequential environment where the titular character is finally at his most insane state of mind, unlike Heath Ledger who brought up a maniacal/chaotic personification from the outset. It effectively provides the real and sensible feelings as we can witness Arthur Fleck’s transformation from a helpless loser into someone that resorts to chaos and violence to ease his pains. No previous movies with similarly dark and disturbing nuances, such as « Pi » or « Requiem for a Dream » or even any of David Lynch’ offerings in his most depressed mode, had left me THAT bothered and yet impressed all the same.
« Joker » is not a mere character study: it’s a psychological outreach programme served fresh from Hollywood’s darkest alleys. If Joaquin doesn’t get the Oscar, I’m suing the Academy.

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